• What makes Evans fruit SO JUICY?
    All Evans Apples are tree-ripened and not harvested until they're ready to eat!
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  • What makes Evans fruit SO CRISP?
    To ensure and maintain crispness, Evans Apples are quickly transported to special cold storage rooms immediately after they're harvested.
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  • What makes Evans fruit SO FLAVORFUL?
    With over 60 years of experience growing and researching apples, Bill and Jeannette Evans possess all of the expertise, know how and magic that it takes to produce acre after acre of fresh full flavored Evans Apples.
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    Sometimes an apple can look beautiful on the outside but possess a hidden internal defect or "browning" on the inside.

    Evans Fruit utilizes state-of-the-art technology to eliminate apples that possess the threat of jeopardizing a quality eating experience.

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    Utilizing a state-of the-art pre-sizing and packing technology provides Evans Fruit customers with year-round supplies of crisp, juicy farm fresh apples that are packed fresh to order.
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