Evans Fruit Company Setting Stage for Leadership Transition

COWICHE, WA – JUNE 26, 2017: Bill and Jeannette Evans founded their company in 1949 with a vision to produce year-round consistently flavorful fruit farmed on their own orchards. The business practices that grew the company for almost seven decades will launch the company forward as the next generation of Evans transition into leadership roles. “Bill and I put our hearts and souls into quietly producing exceptional fruit,” explained Jeannette Evans. “I’m pleased to see my grandchildren adopt the same philosophies under my guidance.”

The grandchildren, Joe and Kimberly Evans, grew up on their family farm. Joe particularly enjoyed his time in the orchard with his father, Tim Evans, who was responsible for his own and numerous company orchards. Prior to college, his grandfather Bill shared an article from Western Fruit Grower acknowledging Evans Fruit accomplishments and industry contributions. It was then Joe realized his passion for the industry and chose to follow in his parents & grandparents’ footsteps majoring in Agricultural Economics & Business Management. Upon his 2008 graduation from WSU he spent the
summer with another organization before returning to the family business working closely alongside his grandparents. He hasn’t looked back and is grateful for both his father’s and grandfather’s tutelage until their respective passing’s in 2010 & 2016. In addition to sales responsibilities, he serves multiple management roles throughout the family business.

Kimberly (Evans) Hiebert joined the company full time in 2005 shortly after earning a degree in Psychology from Washington State University. Her education serves her well in managing the company’s Human Resource Department, along with numerous other administration responsibilities. Her passion for people drives her desire to create an employee-centric workplace. Evans Fruit Company recognizes change is essential as the domestic and retail landscape continues to evolve. “With a new generation of family members moving into leadership roles, we see the need to
better promote our company and have recruited Suzanne Wolter to lead our marketing efforts,” stated Jeannette Evans. “We happily welcome her to our team and look forward to a fresh approach promoting our family business and great tasting apples.”

Suzanne will join an experienced team of industry professionals on August 1st. Wesley Akiyama and Kristina Conrad have been with the company over twenty years; Molly Scott, Scott Hennessey and Patti Gilroy joined within the last five. Family members serving various roles include Russel Loges, Julie Evans, Pat Martinson, Barb Evans and Andy Hiebert. All share a positive outlook regarding the changes ahead and continued success with Evans Fruit Company.

About Evans Fruit: Evans Fruit Company farms over 9,000 acres of large fruit blocks strategically located in prime growing regions around Eastern Washington. The company has been consistently recognized as a Top 100 Grower by Western Fruit Grower Magazine. Over the decades, Evans Fruit developed a reputation for exceptionally consistent Washington apples becoming internationally known, first & foremost, for their Red & Golden Delicious apples. New varieties are being planted annually to complement the existing diverse product mix.